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Design Monkey Media Ltd
New Barn Farm Offices

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We can write compelling wording for your websites in a way that is both engaging to the reader but also considers the actions of the search engines.

The reader needs to be initially given a clear, simple outline of how your organisation can help them. It should seek to draw the reader in, highlight the key benefits and deliver a call to action, to help drive the response you are after.

The search engines like Google are however looking for something slightly different, they are looking for consistency in terminology and value to the reader - so they can be confident in moving your site up the rankings and suggesting your website. Our copywriting is SEO (search engine optimisation) friendly, written in such a way that the right phrases are being targeted to the correct level. We begin this piece of work through conducting an analysis of the key phrases people are searching for and how competitive each of these are - to select those your site is likely to perform best for.

Copy writing can be difficult if it is not something you regularly do. Using our experience copywriters can make the process very cost effective and yield better overall returns from the website.

If you would like to use our copywriting service, it would help if we had access to the following:

  • An initial discussion, to understand the offering, market and organisation in detail
  • Any marketing materials, proposals, fact sheets, product specifications which would give us further detail on the background of the product
  • The analytics and webmaster tools accounts of an existing site, if relevant

If you need your website content sprusing up, then please contact us.

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