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Search Engine Marketing

There are many stages to optimising your website and theres no magic bullet that will get you to the top of Google.

On the other hand we can develop or modify your site with some main objectives in mind and help to improve your presence, not just on Google but across the whole of the internet and push targeted traffic toward your site.

Research and Analysis

An optional element to supplement our work for you is the delivery of a piece of research, which would help inform the marketing of your organisation. If you have a new company, offering, market or maybe don't find marketing easy, this can really help. The research is a way we help organisations to position competitively in the marketplace, we do this through:

  • Market research - identification of the key drivers in the marketplace and how it is changing
  • Competitor research - looking at the different groups of competitors, what they are doing well and how you can differentiate from them
  • Key phrases analysis - to target terms online that will drive you more traffic
  • Customer Analysis - reviewing what the customer seems to need, want and expect

Hopefully you can see the value this could bring to the site design, copywriting, offers you promote and your wider marketing strategy. We've always found this a couple of days well spent, to add more value to clients projects.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is a way for a business to generate inbound leads. When people search Google (which accounts for an estimated 90% of global searches) or another search engine for a particular term - you want your business to appear, so potential customers pick up the phone to you and not a competitor. It's no good to simply appear highly in the rankings however, studies show a top 5 result is required to really gain a benefit.

There other additional factors to consider here also:

  • Some terms are more competitive than others (e.g. 'Building Company' is much more competitive than 'Building Company Cambridge')
  • Some terms have much more searches for them than others - there is no point being top for a term that nobody is searching for. However a smaller amount of very relevant traffic can often be the most effective solution.
  • There are no guarantees - we have achieve great rankings and return on investment for clients, however SEO is competitive and Google continues to change its functionality.

We are successful at search engine optimisation because we take a methodical approach:

  • We do the research to understand what keywords and phrases you would ideally be target
  • We analyse the volume of searches made for the keywords and phrases, so we can recommend which to target and what to expect in terms of seasonal variance
  • If we develop your website, we will structure this in such a way that it is search engine friendly
  • We can deliver effective search engine copywriting
  • We use a number of techniques to support the development, this begins with the onsite elements (structure, coding, tags, copy, internal links etc) and minimal backlinks (links back to your site which Google places a value on when ranking your site) and a plan for what is required to deliver further progress to your site - at which stage the offsite elements like backlinks become more important.
  • We use analytics programmes to understand how the optimisation is performing and set improvement targets - so you can see performance improvement

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